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Ticketmaster e-Gift Card

Ticketmaster is the No.1 destination for tickets for live events. From theatre, comedy and family attractions to top gigs, festivals and sporting events, Ticketmaster has it all. New events are added daily, so there’s always a fresh and exciting reason to keep coming back. Whether you’re looking for your own awesome encore or an unforgettable gift for a loved one, a Ticketmaster Gift Card is your ticket to memories that will last a lifetime. Visit ticketmaster.co.uk to see what fantastic events are currently available.

Ticketmaster e-Gift Card terms and conditions

By purchasing this Ticketmaster e-Gift Card you agree that you have read and accept the Ticketmaster Gift Card Terms & Conditions, which are available for you to review online here: terms.ticketmastergiftcard.com/UK. Key points to note: 1. Ticketmaster e-Gift Cards can be used to buy eligible tickets and associated products for UK events online at ticketmaster.co.uk. 2. e-Gift Cards are activated at the time of purchase and expire 12 months after activation. Once the e-Gift Card has expired any remaining balance will no longer be available to use. 3. Treat the e-Gift Card like cash - if lost or stolen the balance of funds on the card will be lost. 4. The balance and expiry date of an e-Gift card can be checked for free online via the ‘Check Your Balance’ button on ticketmaster.co.uk/giftcards, or by visiting: balance.ticketmastergiftcard.com/UK.

Keep your money safe. If you’re ever asked to pay debt or bills with gift cards or to buy gift cards on someone else’s behalf, it could be a scam. Find out how to keep your money safe with tips and advice from Take Five at takefive-stopfraud.org.uk