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Zalando e-Gift Card

One Card. A whole world of style. At Zalando, Europe's leading online fashion platform, you can find a selection of over 2000 brands, outfit inspiration and style tips. Free delivery and returns. FASHION, OUTFIT INSPIRATION AND STYLE TIPS FREE DELIVERY AND RETURNS 100-DAY RETURNS OVER 2000 BRANDS NO EXPIRY DATE

Zalando e-Gift Card terms and conditions

1. Zalando Gift Cards are issued by Zalando Payments GmbH Zalando Payments GmbH is an e-money institution licensed in Germany. However, Zalando Gift Cards are not e-money. The Zalando Gift Cards are not e-money but non-regulated stored value. This means that the Zalando Gift Cards are not supervised by the competent supervisory authority, nor do the statutory protection for e-money apply. In particular, you do not have a right to request a redemption for cash. 2. Zalando Gift Cards can be redeemed at www.zalando.co.uk and on the Zalando app for the purchase of eligible products, which are offered by Zalando SE or other sellers (Zalando Partners). Eligible goods and services are products that serve the appearance of a person (e.g. clothing, shoes). Details can be found here. A Zalando Gift Card may not be used to purchase another Zalando Gift Card. 3. Zalando Gift Cards are valid for a limited period of 5 years from the purchase date. Redemption in cash or refunds in the event of loss or damage are not possible. 4. Zalando Gift Cards are limited to a maximum value of GBP 170,- per Zalando Gift Card and to a maximum value of GBP 170,- worth Zalando Gift Card per purchase. It is possible to use multiple Zalando Gift Cards per purchase up to a maximum amount of GBP 170,-. Any remaining amount on your Zalando Gift Cards can be used for future purchases. The maximum value of Gift Cards that can be used per calendar month is limited to £5.000,-. The maximum value of Gift Cards that can be connected to your customer account per calendar month is limited to £5.000,-. 5. The Zalando Gift Card is usually activated within 24 hours of purchase. 6. Zalando Gift Cards can only be used prior to your order and not retroactively. 7. Should you cancel your order or return goods for which you redeemed a Zalando Gift Card, the amount paid will be refunded to your Zalando Gift Card and made available for future purchases. Should you return goods which were partially paid for with a Zalando Gift Card, the purchase price for any kept eligible goods having been eligible to being purchased via Zalando Gift Card will be paid first by redemption of the Zalando Gift Card and any remaining refund amount, if applicable, will be refunded to the other applied payment method.

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